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Using social media to grow online

Growing your social media presence means increasing the number of followers you have, boosting the number of people who engage with your content and, most importantly, increasing the traffic flow to your website.

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How to present content to satisfy different learning styles

First impressions matter. The exact amount of time it takes to make a first impression is difficult to define: some studies indicate it takes 30 seconds, while others, such as the one done by Princeton psychologists, believe it takes only a tenth of a second! No matter how long you feel it takes, that’s how long you have to convince visitors they are on the right website. 

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Why it's important to use an expert for SEO

When you search for something online, you probably start on a search engine, and you most probably use Google. The search engine will then bring up many results, often spread over several pages. These pages are called Search Engine Result Pages, or SERPs for short. However, if you’re like 99.99% of the world, you will never click on the second page of the SERPs and will opt to click on one of the top results from the first page.