If you want your customers to buy your products or use your services, or you would like your users to be more productive, then understanding their User Experience (UX) and how they interact with your User Interface (UI) is extremely important.

The quality of a user’s experience influences their level of confidence and trust in your products and business, and determines whether they are going to complete the desired course of action effectively.

The user must be your main focal point, so putting the right emphasis on the user experience is crucial, yet often overlooked.

WEBPRO Creative has many years of experience in User Experience design, working with companies to define their UX Strategy. Using the steps outlined below, our team will help you to prioritise and develop a plan to improve your users’ experience and help decision makers understand the case for investment.




Our User Experience designers will work together with you to understand your business model and objectives. The in-depth knowledge gained can often produce fresh perspectives, allowing new insights to emerge which may influence ongoing strategies.

By understanding where, how and why your customers and users use your company website, mobile site and applications, we will help you to deliver a better, more intuitive experience for them.

The User Experience research we undertake for you will help to reduce the possibility of costly re-development work and extended timescales in the implementation of your project.


Taking the findings of the UX Research, we will help you formulate a holistic approach to address the needs of those who will use your website and applications.

The attitudes and behaviour of your consumers and users are changing fast as technology opens up new opportunities. UX Strategy is all about making sure you keep up with these changes, allowing you to properly harness technology to serve their needs.

Our UX Strategy produces recommendations in straightforward language which can be shared and understood across your business.

This feeds into your long-term business strategy to improve, measure and manage the users’ experience.


Having completed the UX Research & Strategy, we start the web design process to create the online experience for your website or online applications that reflect your brand, vision and end-user needs.

During this process, we remain focused on the users and their journey through the website or online application, keeping them central to every decision made.

The web design process will allow us to help you improve usability and therefore acceptance by customers, retain the correct focus by avoiding unnecessary features and incorporate strategic business and marketing goals while safeguarding users’ freedom of choice.

UX Design Enhancement

Our UX research and web design is not just for clients wanting a brand-new site. We can provide the same detailed and user-focused service for clients who already own a website but are not seeing results from their investment. This usually occurs when the previous web designer ignored the user experience and how people will really travel around your site.

Our creative thinkers will analyse why your website is not performing as it should be by concentrating on the user experience and where potential customers are getting lost or dropping off from your website sales funnel. We provide a transparent diagnosis and offer suggestions for making UX fixes within your budget.

You don’t have to be a new web design customer to benefit from our user-centric and proven approach to UX design.

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For many years we’ve been helping clients throughout Borehamwood, Harrow, Edgware, Watford, St Albans, Barnet, Wembley and all the surrounding areas of North West London and Hertfordshire define their UX strategy. Understanding your customers and website users is paramount to the success of any business and this is where WEBPRO Creative can help; our team will research your business and customers and create a website design and strategy that is practical and sustainable. Contact our team today and we will visit your premises wherever you are located.