Fair Usage Policy

Fair Usage Policy


1.1. We are ANTiT Website Design & Development Limited, a company registered in England and Wales, (company No. 07224703) whose registered office is 192B Station Road, Edgware, Middlesex HA8 7AR, United Kingdom, trading as WEBPRO IT, WEBPRO Creative, WEBPRO Adviser and any additional trade name as we develop the business (“WEBPRO”).

1.2. WEBPRO encourages clients to take full advantage of our excellent support team. WEBPRO strives to make sure all of our clients get the best out of the services provided and assists them in doing so in every way WEBPRO’s team reasonably can.

1.3. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions to read about the support service provided and response times.


2.1. All interpretations included in the WEBPRO Terms and Conditions shall apply to the following policy.

2.2. “Inclusive Support Services” means those services provided by the WEBPRO support team which are included within WEBPRO’s Customer Website Theme Services or as an Ongoing Service, pursuant to Clause 12 of WEBPRO’s Terms and Conditions.  Section 3 of this policy outlines the remit of access, type of service and nature of request that is included within these services.


3.1. WEBPRO Inclusive Support Services can be accessed via email on [email protected] or by telephone on 033 33 447 300 during normal business hours 09:00-17:30 Monday – Friday (excluding Bank Holidays).

3.2. Inclusive Support Services are provided by the WEBPRO support team to its Authorised Users either as part of a Customer Website Theme Service or as a separate Ongoing Service.

3.3. The support team may be assisted by other teams, including graphic designers, website developers, administration, as well as external suppliers such as Rackspace and Microsoft, as deemed appropriate by WEBPRO, to deliver Inclusive Support Services.

3.4. Inclusive Support Services are defined as support for general updates and bug fixes relating to the use of the specific WEBPRO product or products detailed within the Support Contract. This can be defined as including:

  • Requestable services:
    • Troubleshooting
    • Bug fixes
    • General content updates
  • Services automatically undertaken as part of the Support Contract:
    • Backup of data
    • Hosting (for Customer Website Theme Services)
    • Security updates (for Customer Website Theme Services or as stated in your quotation)
    • Compliance amendments to text (if applicable and for Customer Website Theme Services or as stated in your quotation)
    • Updates as we develop our product range (for Customer Website Theme Services)
    • Compliance approval and reapproval (if applicable)
    • Legislation changes (for Customer Website Theme Services or as stated in your quotation)

3.5. Access to Inclusive Support Services is restricted to reasonable and fair usage as defined in section 4 of this policy.

3.6. The client is responsible for any costs relating to network charges for calls to the WEBPRO support team or mobile data usage.

3.7.  Any services expressly excluded or omitted from Inclusive Support Services are not included within the licence or support fees. These services may be available from the support team (or another team) but will be chargeable. WEBPRO reserves the right to limit access to these services. Availability of Non-inclusive Support Services may change from time to time.


4.1. WEBPRO operates under a Fair Usage Policy of Inclusive Support Services to ensure that clients are receiving fair and equal quality support from our team.

4.2. Inclusive Support Services cannot be used in lieu of WEBPRO training or development work.  Doing so prevents our support team from providing vital support to other clients.

4.3. Where a client query is identified as a request for a Non-inclusive Support Service, the client will be quoted for the service in line with WEBPRO’s then current prices.

4.4. Unless agreed otherwise between WEBPRO and the client, the following services are considered Non-inclusive Support Services:

  • General content updates in excess of 3 per month
  • Content changes related to website optimisation where the company employed to do the work is external to WEBPRO
  • Training and/or Development
  • Project management and/or Consultancy
  • Database amendments, transfers or deletion
  • Out of hours support
  • Any other services outside the definition of Inclusive Support Services


5.1. Where a client query is identified as a training need, as opposed to an Inclusive Support Services need, this is considered to be unfair usage and will be referred for a quotation:

  • A training need is defined as any query which requires explanation of how to use the software, or other product, beyond what can reasonably be considered a clarification, suggestion or reminder; or
  • Any query that will require phone or online support of over 15 minutes to explain, which is not a bug fix or forms part of a wider troubleshooting query which requires the support team’s technical help or guidance is also considered a training need.

5.2. Call times and requests for support are monitored.  Heavy volume clients may be subject to a review of usage and training needs.

5.3. WEBPRO’s support team are available to provide training at competitive rates. All clients are provided with a basic overview of their product, with instructions, upon completion, sign off and payment of the final invoice, as part of the contract.

5.4. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that Authorised Users within their company have received adequate training and that training is kept up to date throughout the period of the client’s WEBPRO subscription.

  • To keep training up to date and maintain best practice in WEBPRO product usage, WEBPRO recommends that the client provides all new Authorised Users with WEBPRO training upon appointment and that all Authorised Users receive refresher training at least annually.


6.1. The support team are able to provide some basic technical support.

6.2. Any client request or query which requires support which goes beyond a reasonable request for technical troubleshooting, and is not a bug fix, is considered a development service and will be chargeable.

6.3. Development work will be passed to the development team to estimate the feasibility and time involved to complete the work.

6.4. WEBPRO will quote the client based on the development team’s estimates. Development work will only commence upon agreement with the client and compliance with the payment terms included in the quotation.

6.5. Where development work is requested that would be of benefit to the larger client base, this may be considered as part of WEBPRO’s development release plan.