Top Website Tech for 2022

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Jan 04 2022 BUSINESS & TECH

Website design and development services have always been somewhat limited by the software and technology available. Over the last few years, website technologies have developed at a swift speed, making modern websites capable of so much more than older websites. So, what is the top website tech that we can all look forward to using in 2022?

What is Website Tech?

Website technology refers to software and applications that can be added to the website design and development process. They enable the website to increase its functionality in certain ways, as required by the client and their users. Website technology is always developing, which means newer websites made by experienced developers are able to do more than older websites that were made before some technologies were developed.

Top Website Tech Landing in 2022

#1: Augmented Reality

Augmented reality may be best known to most of us through the Pokémon Go game, but the technology used to power such a game is finally making its way into more website services. With augmented reality, websites will be able to provide a service that they have never been capable of before, especially in eCommerce. You will be able to see how clothes look on your body shape or how furniture matches other items in your home through a screen.

#2: Chatbots

Chatbots are already available on some websites, such as governmental departments and banks. But expect them to be widely accessible on a range of websites in 2022. This is because the artificial intelligence used to make chatbots work effectively has developed, and the best can act natural, just like genuine human customer service representatives.

#3: Voice Navigation (maybe!)

Voice navigation may start making its way into modern websites in the latter stages of 2022 – or it could take a little longer. The ability to navigate a website and its content by voice would undoubtedly be a game-changer for the whole website industry.

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