Outsourcing vs DIYing - what’s better for your business?

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Business owners have two options when they need a task completed. They can outsource the job to a dedicated professional, or they can have one of their in-house staff complete the work. Many business owners choose the latter under the premise that doing work in-house will save the business money. But is this really the case? Could outsourcing offer a better end result and also be the cheaper option?

As a web design and creative agency, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that we believe outsourcing is the wiser option. But don’t just take out word for it - read on to uncover why.

Outsourcing can get better results

There are some business tasks that will get the same end result whether you ask a staff member to do it or outsource it to someone else. For example, most data entry jobs can be completed to the same standard whether someone does it in-house or externally.

But then there are some projects which should be left to people who specialise in these areas, such as graphic design or social media marketing.

Although it could be quite possible that one of your staff members has some background in graphic design or marketing, they are unlikely to get the same end result as someone who is an expert in the niche with all of the necessary skills and experience behind them. By achieving a better result, the business could make more money in the long term making the additional investment worthwhile.

Outsourcing can achieve quicker results

Not only does outsourcing to a creative agency increase the likelihood of a better result, but the time required to finish the project could be less.

Whereas staff members may only have so much time to dedicate outside of their usual workload, an external professional could be working on your project continually until completion, which gets the job done faster. Their efficiency could result in the ability to launch a new product or marketing campaign earlier, which may again provide greater returns on your investment.

DIYing drains staff resources (and possibly morale!)

Asking staff members to complete work in addition to their current workload takes them away from other tasks. This could create a situation where staff members cannot keep up with deadlines and their usual workload, and if the staff member does not enjoy the additional work, it could decrease job satisfaction and morale as well.

Don’t forget – time is money too!

Last but not least, business owners should remember that business time costs money. Asking an in-house staff member to complete work instead of outsourcing it does not mean that the task is being completed for free as the company must still pay the staff member’s wages.

If you consider the ROI you could get from outsourcing to professionals - on top of the fact that DIYing is never entirely free - then it could be argued that outsourcing is the most financially advantageous option of the two.

WEBPRO Creative can help alleviate some of the strain on your business by tending to your online needs. Contact us now to find out what you can outsource to us.


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