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Caldwells is another of our long-term clients we have worked closely alongside as they experience industry changes, new trends and even a rebrand. Caldwells is a family-run estate agency based in Hampshire and in operation since 1996. They aim to help individuals and families find their forever home – and we created the home of Caldwells online. We cherish close and lasting business relationships like these!

Website Portfolio


Since developing a bespoke website for them in 2016, we have gone on to provide a range of other website services. Due to their fast-changing industry as properties became available and are sold, they require frequent updates to their website, and we’re always happy to oblige. Moreover, we were on hand to make website adjustments during the company’s rebranding in 2020.



We designed and created a completely bespoke website for Caldwells. As they are a unique family business with a rich history, it was important to get this across to any site visitor. We used local images that highlight the boutique brand and made sure the site architecture matched the business requirements. All of the colour schemes and visuals were then tailored to their brand.


Some companies require specialist software to meet their industry needs. For example, Caldwells required estate agency software to help site visitors search for properties easily and for the business to meet regulations. We enabled this by integrating relevant estate agency software into our website design. We took care of the tricky bits and can do the same for other businesses that require specialist software integration.


Because we enjoy lasting relationships with repeat clients, we always accept requests to update websites with new branding. That’s exactly what happened in 2020 when Caldwells reached out to tell us about their new branding. We were straight on the case to reskin their existing bespoke website with the new colour scheme and extras. Now their website sits right with the rest of the business’s marketing materials.